Wingball was developed in C++ with the C4 Engine. I started work on this game with version 2.0a1, the current build uses the version indicated on the History page, and future builds will likely continue to use the latest available. I'm really excited about some of the upcoming features - post processing shaders, underwater effects, HDR and more will eventually make their way into this game.

  • Seamless terrain. Courses can flow in any direction without reaching a map boundary. Objects in levels can be placed at an absolute position (never repeat) or relative (repeat with the map). Surface interaction (dust, ripples, sounds, etc.).
  • Dynamic object placement. Foliage and other props in the level not critical to gameplay are populated according to blend textures (customized through a string table like most other world-specific data), by frequency of occurance and distance from each other. The plan is to auto-adjust the number of these objects based on detected system performance.
  • Post processing effects such as shockwaves/distortion and full scene color adjustment (output blended from multiple sources such as lightning, boost, lens flare and more).
  • Weather/environment effects. Rain droplets impact puddles on the terrain, lightning strikes the ground and wind audio changes based on the player's motion. Many more effects are planned.
  • Full-featured HUD supporting animation and multiple themes (when available). Includes graphical speedometer, distance travelled, time remaining, indicator for next checkpoint, current audio track, points display and more.
  • Dynamic flow of time. Multiple events can simultaneously affect time, smoothly bending the action, sound effects and music in sync.
  • Takes full advantage of multi-core processors. Dual core or greater is strongly recommended.
  • In-game profile creation and leaderboards. Multi-player gameplay modes are a possibility given significant interest, but are not an immediate concern.
  • Advanced multi-input tween blending system, transitions, text effects and other polish.

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