This is the project history of Wingball. In cases where the history is different here compared with the readme.txt file included with some releases, this version is accurate.

Wingball 0.7

- Possibly replacing terrain with the new streaming system I've been working on.
- Removed old code and redundant files used for "overgrowth" mode (which no longer exists since adding Performance Options).
+ more

- Added a new map object type for models that require appropriate wake/sleep calls for physics performance.
- Added LOD and switching for greater view distances for the same performance, at 1/2 the hard drive cost, even at lossless detail!
- Added multiple camera views and a toggle between them (assigned to the same input as Change Camera in the C4 demo game).
- Added a "Publish All" button to my map editor (previously, i had to open each block, click "publish" then wait).
- Fixed an issue with some terrain normals not properly being smoothed at LOD transitions.
- Fixed an issue with float precision in some terrain generated. My original approach would occasionally produce thin gaps.
- Removed the Direct State Access extension checkbox from Graphics options, as C4 now auto-detects and disables as appropriate.
- Changed/improved the code structure of the terrain system. Some abstract controllers re-purposed for specific use (optimized).
- Changed both "classic" maps (Noob Hills and Crystal Sands) with regenerated geometry for LOD/optimization.
- Changed previous OS-dependant external browser opening code to C4's new OpenExternalWebBrowser call.

Engine Updated

- Wingball now uses C4 2.10-d2.
- Added secondary OpenGL context / streaming support (until C4 2.10 final, which will officially support it).

Engine Updated

- Wingball now uses C4 2.9 Final.

Linux Support

- The next public release (0.7) will be cross-platform (Linux)!
- Wingball now uses C4 2.9 Beta 2.

Engine Updated

- Wingball is now updated to use C4 2.9 Beta.
- A public release of 0.7 is on the agenda.. no particular date yet.

Engine Updated

- 2 hours of work this morning has Wingball running properly in Debug and Optimized builds under C4 Engine 2.8 BETA!

Engine Updated

- Wingball is once again using the latest version of C4 Engine (2.7.1)!
- Captured and submitted several screenshots of Wingball to Terathon Software for their gallery.
- Made an update to the outdated Summary page and release date on IndieDB.

Development resumes!

- I actually started again yesterday, but it wasn't until updating the game to use C4 2.5.5 (from 2.1.2) that I committed to continue
  as opposed to starting something new. My goal now is to move the game from using C4 Engine 2.5.5 to 2.6, then to 2.7.1 - and take it 
  from there! This transition wasn't too bad - primary changes were Element to Widget and the UV mapping for Widgets changed from how 
  it was done with Elements. Mouse and Keyboard event handlers changed a bit. The other issues during migration were due to some 
  AddSubnode calls instead of AddNewSubnode no longer working (my bad), which was easily corrected once discovered. Overall, I have 
  to say the process was surprisingly painless, and the one question I asked on the forum (the UV thing) was answered by Eric about 
  30 mins later!

Released 0.6

- Added a profile recovery by email feature to the Profile window.
- Added feature for Escape key to go up one level of menu depth.
- Added animated menu background that cycles between images.
- Added a Back button to the Level Select window.
- Added a Main Menu (Single Player, Change Profile, Options, Website, Exit).
- Added an Options menu (Performance, Controls, Graphics, Audio).
- Added an Options->Audio window (toggle and volume for music, ambient, speech, sounds. toggle for reverb).
- Added an Options->Controls window (button config, mouse sensitivity/invert/smooth, look sensitivity, invert look x/y).
- Added an Options->Performance window (draw distance, foliage density, target frame rate and others).
- Added an Options->Graphics window (resolution, fullscreen, vsync, multisampling, anisotropy, direct state access).
- Added network status to bottom left of the menu UI (as when you're playing).
- Fixed menu music playing even if music is disabled.
- Removed Options, Tutorial and Exit buttons from the Profile window.
- Removed processor count from bottom left of UI.
- Removed the controls diagram from the pause window.
- Changed the Menu background music.
- Changed Profile buttons to Main Menu buttons on Level Fail and Level Clear windows.
- Changed UI window design (shape, animated sparkles, interactive drop shadow).
- Changed button design and state animation.

Released 0.5.3

- Added a new level (Crystal Sands - Act 1).
- Added rough version of a stage selection window.
- Added rough feature for levels to have an infinite water plane with reflections.
- Added an Exit button to the Profile window.
- Added placeholders for Tutorial and Options buttons on Profile window.
- Added a shockwave on entering/exiting from bullet time.
- Added a glow to the Wingball tread while in bullet time.
- Added the [temporary] Wingball logo to the loading window.
- Added a shortcut to input.cfg in the Programs/Wingball folder in the Start Menu.
- Added background music to the profile/stage select/loading windows ("Hidden in The Shadows").
- Fixed Website buttons not working in Windows XP.
- Fixed an issue with an occasional double-jump, and improved jump/glide responsiveness.
- Fixed bullet time being usable during level intro / countdown.
- Removed "Hidden in The Shadows" and "Mona Lisa" audio tracks from both stage's playlists.
- Removed default key assignment safeguard (only worked in Windows 7 / unreliable feature).
- Changed foliage on Noob Hills stage (several new types, and no more palm trees).
- Changed max physics steps count for more consistent gameplay at lower frame rates.
- Changed terrain culling from block- to patch-level. The finished game will have sliders for distance adjustment.
- Changed GL_EXT_direct_state_access extension to be disabled by default. Toggle by "DSA" variable.
- Changed default multisample value to 1 for compatability. Adjust by "displaySamples" variable.

Released 0.5.2

- Added feature to remember the last username that signed in.
- Added feature to remember if the music is disabled or not.
- Added feature to start the playlist off at a random song.
- Added the player's score to the level failure window.
- Added a Profile button to the level failure window.
- Added a Profile button to the online world clear window.
- Added 7 more assorted tracks to the music playlist.
- Fixed the missing default cfg files.
- Fixed intro not displaying the current version.
- Fixed a disabled/hidden profile button on the (online) level clear window being clickable.
- Removed two tracks from the music playlist ("Scenery" and "So Sinister").
- Changed music to be 25% more quiet than the sound effects.
- Changed starting time from 10 seconds to 15.
- Changed starting "bullet time" from 5 seconds to 10.
- Changed amount of foliage in "overgrowth mode" to about 5-10% less than it was.

Released 0.5.1

- Added R key to restart level
- Added M key to toggle music
- Added new keys to controls list on the pause window
- Added PGUP/PGDN keys on profile window to toggle "overgrowth mode"
- Added basic website (Home, Leaders, Tips, Credits, History, Support)
- Fixed loss of background color on profile window
- Fixed missing DLL error for installation
- Fixed missing input.cfg in Roaming\Wingball folder
- Changed contact distance for caution poles (slightly farther)
- Changed speed of checkpoint flag movement (increased)

Released 0.5 

- Initial release, private beta.


- First experiments with C4 Engine 2.0a1.


- Purchased "The Beginner's Guide to C4 Engine".


- First experiments with C4 Engine 1.5.9.
- Joined Terathon Software forum.


- Purchased C4 Engine Standard Edition license.


- Discovered C4 Engine.

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