• The most important thing is to stay on the path. The white colored sand in the middle of the road will give you the highest rate of speed. Driving outside this will not. The amount of speed you can acquire is based on how "dense" this white material is that you're driving on. You will also gain points simply for being in contact with it while moving - and more of them the faster you go. Puddles of water on the ground do not affect your speed at this time, although in a future release they will slow you down, and these tips will be updated to reflect that.
  • Any time you're moving too fast, holding down the right mouse button will slow down time. Watch the blue gauge in the bottom right to see how much of this ability you have left. Each mark on the gauge represents 1 second, and the tri-color items you can pick up (3 balls spinning around each other) will each give you 1 additional second. You begin the level with 10 seconds to use, and there are several of these items to pick up along your way.
  • Always drive on rails when you can, for as long as you can. Not only do they increase your speed more than anything else, they also give you more points than anywhere on the ground. A rail with tight corners is a great reason to slow time (right mouse button).
  • Try not to hit the caution poles! Each one you hit will incur a 50-point penalty, but only once for any given pole. There's no difference between hitting the same pole once or twice; you will still only lose 50 points. If you can't move out of the way quickly enough, you can jump over them - but doing this will slow you down.
  • Collecting coins is important if you want to score a lot of points - just remember that finishing the course in the shortest possible time is more important. Turning around to grab a few that you missed will result in a lower final score than not. Each coin is worth 100 points, so try not to miss any!
  • The bonus points awarded on level completion come from the number of seconds remaining on your timer. You receive 250 additional points for each, making this one of the best ways to get ahead of the competition.
  • To get the most airtime while gliding, open your wings before the top of your jump. There isn't much use jumping or gliding at the moment.. but rest assured, this game is called Wingball for a reason ;).
  • Any animals you encounter are only there for distraction - they do not affect your speed or final score in this version.
  • While it might feel like a typical racing game in some ways, you'll have a much easier time with the courses if you remember to strafe (move sideways with the A and D keys) instead of trying to turn with the mouse... in fact, without strafing you may find courses nearly impossible to complete.
  • And finally, an "easter egg" of sorts. If you have a computer built for gaming (i.e., the games you play on it look as good as a PS3), you could try turning on the "overgrowth" mode while on the profile page at the beginning. Just press PGUP or PGDN (Page Up or Page Down) on your keyboard while entering your information to toggle it - you will see the words "OVERGROWTH MODE!" appear in the bottom left of your screen after the number of processors you're using. Please note that you should only use this mode if you have 2 or more processors, although the feature is available for everyone to try :). This will eventually be incorporated into the graphics options as a slider for foliage density.

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